The Nursery’s ethos is based on the best aspects of several techniques, and as we have Anne Redman leading the team as principal, there will be an emphasis on Montessori which is her area of expertise.

The corner stone of our philosophy will be to provide a safe, welcoming, fun and stimulating environment for the children, where they can learn to build a positive relationship with learning new things; it is not just what the children learn, but how they are taught and introduced to new things. This encouragement to independently explore and discover the world around them, will lay the foundations for how the children approach learning for the rest of their lives. This positive encouragement is designed to remove the fear of new things and replace it with a desire to accumulate knowledge.

Scribblez places the highest importance on the best quality food and the children’s health, with all meals being prepared on site with fresh local ingredients. The children will take an active role in all aspects of their food, from growing vegetables from seed to meal preparation. Physical play and activities will feature regularly throughout the day with children learning the importance of exercising and physical wellbeing.

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