How our children learn at Scribblez Day Nursery Montessori Kindergarten

The kindergarten is a specialist area for children between the ages of rising 3 to 5 years. It provides an extensive curriculum that focuses on the core areas of learning (practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, cultural, creative activities and physical development) and also includes cooking, gardening and music. The kindergarten class provides carefully graded and structured activities using specialised Montessori equipment to help the child develop essential skills that will promote all future learning. In the Montessori environment the child is encouraged to choose their own work under the guidance of the well trained and enthusiastic staff. All staff work as a closely knit team to enable all children to fulfil their potential. Furthermore, the high staffing levels ensure that each staff member only works with a small number of children at one time allowing for plenty of individual attention.

We use the Montessori teaching method linking it with the areas of the EYFS (Early years foundation stage) as set out below:

  • Practical life exercises – These are exercises designed to teach the child life skills including dressing, transferring, threading and social graces. Most importantly these exercises are real using child sized equipment. Children learn to concentrate and become self-motivated learners leading to independence and confidence.
  • Sensorial tasks – Enables the child to train their senses through activities involving smell, touch, sounds, weight, including comparing and sequencing which prepares them for early mathematics work.
  • Mathematics – Using the specialist Montessori equipment the child is introduced to numerals and quantities. Using concrete materials the child counts, sequences and grades objects. These concrete materials are used before moving onto more abstract work enabling the child to gain a solid foundation of mathematical concepts.
  • Language – The children use the Insets for Design that Maria Montessori created to develop fine motor skills which in turn help the development of letter formation. When the child is ready they are introduced to the phonetic alphabet on a one to one basis. This leads to word building, the first step before reading. Reading is introduced using small objects or pictures and word cards and then later with our reading books.
  • Cultural – We introduce history, geography, biology and science these are often linked together. This knowledge is reinforced with art/craft activities. The children enjoy cooking and gardening.
  • Creativity – The children have free access to a role play area which is often linked in to a topic we are covering. Many lessons in the kindergarten are reinforced with group or individual art work. Carefully graded art and craft activities are available at all times for the children to choose independently.
  • Physical Development – Music, movement and games in small groups are enjoyed by the children. The children have access to a large outdoor area every day.

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